Cute Girls Hairstyles is a YouTube channel that hosts hair tutorials, including braids of all sorts imaginable, that do not surpass the 5-minute mark! Easy and simple! Approachable! With more than 5 million satisfied followers to testify for its quality.

The ‘Figure 8’ braid updo is a hairstyle best suited for long hair.

Part your hair down the middle. Tie it into two pigtails. Take the middle section out of the left part and tie the remaining hair aside.

An inch of hair should be free all the way around the hairline.

Start in the upper right corner. Take a slanted part back to where you took the hair out. Start a French braid. Please refer to the video for the pattern. I wouldn’t want to confuse you even more… Graphic representation is ten times better to learn the French braid!

Taking a strand of hair from the part that it’s left out and one from the pigtail in the back, creates a truly magnificent effect!

The goal is to go up and over, trying to follow the curve of the number eight, and then alternate between the sides.

Just keep adding hair until you run all the way to the bottom and make the alternation of sides. You are going to start adding hair from the left side.

As you reach the lower part of the left side, you should be done with the hair from the left pigtail.

Once you hit where you left off when alternating the right side with the left side, pick up the remaining hair that was left from the right pigtail.

Once you’ve run out of hair, just braid to the ends. Since there is only a tiny bit of hair left, tease the ends to secure it.

Roll the braid up and stuff the remaining part in the last section that you just crossed over. Secure it with a couple of pins! Finish it off with spray!

Absolutely amazing!