Not all easy hairstyles are easy with all the various types of hair. But when you have excellent instructions and combed hair, you can easily style it in no time.

Rhia is a 21-year-old British girl who does wonders on her YouTube channel. She has almost 80,000 followers and does not stop here – he is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger on a self-titled website and on Instagram. In the video below, you can watch her way of easily styling her hair. The hairstyles look elegant and sophisticated but do not require a lot of effort.

1. Half up, half down

The upward messy bun is another variety you can do.

2. Hairband braids

You can wear this every day. It looks far from simple.

3. Dutch braid space buns

These look absolutely adorable!

4. Messy pony and wrap plait

So easy to make!

5. Ponytail top knot

Simple and elegant at the same time. Definitely trying this one!