Milabu is a YouTube blogger hosting how-to beauty tutorials for short hair and hairstyles, makeup, and lifestyle in general. She has you covered on many variations of braids, updos and hair buns.

In this particular video she is going to demonstrate five ways of braiding your short hair double dutch.

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1. Two Messy Knots

This hairstyle will have us braiding two dutch braids on the very top of our head meeting at the crown in two messy knots!

Spray your hair with a dry texturizing spray. Part your hair in the middle and start braiding diagonal. Grab a small section near your hairline and divide it into three equal parts. The Dutch braid follows this pattern: you take your outer section and place it under the middle strand. You repeat that pattern with the other outer section.

At the blink of the eye, you are braiding a Dutch braid. As soon as you are done, tie the hair in a high ponytail. Back comb it a little bit to make it more fluffy and voluminous.  Create a little bun and pin it safely with bobby pins.

Now, after you’re done with the one bigger portion of your hair, start braiding the other one. Repeat the same procedure. Refer to the video if you are not quite clear on the instructions.

2. Braided Cuffs

Part your hair in the middle. Take a small section from the front. Start braiding it towards the back going about halfway. Braid a Dutch braid. Fasten it with an elastic band. Make another braid with another small section of the right side of the parting. As soon as you are done, fasten that one too.

Now, we are adding hair cuffs.

3. Two Loose Double Dutch Braids In A Side Bun

Section off the hair in two big parts. The parting is further right from the center. Start braiding a Dutch braid towards the ear. The second braid starts at the same spot the first one started. It follows the first one in a parallel line. Tie them both with elastic bands.

As soon as you are done, tug both of the braids up to give them volume.

Tie them both up in a bun!

4. Pulled Apart Dutch Braids

These braids are going to go from the middle part, down the sides, towards the back. They will end up in two little mini-pigtails in the back. Part your hair in the middle, front to back.  Divide the right side into three equal, bigger sections of hair and start braiding towards the back, following the line between the parting and the ear.

Do the same thing with the left part of your hair. Refer to the video for a detailed, step-by-step presentation!

Fasten both of the braids in little pigtails. Tug them out a bit so you can make them really big and voluminous.

Milabu decided to add the cuffs over the elastic band in order to hid it and to ornament the hairstyle.

5. The Rendition

This is a variation on the theme of the previous hairstyle. Ruff up the ponytails as much as you can in order to make them as voluminous as possible. Create two messy buns out of the ponytails.

I hope you liked the hairstyles!