For all of you who have shortened your hair not so long ago, we have the perfect bun-tutorial. If you have decided to go for short hair, or you are currently growing it out, you are probably going through that phase where you end up with strands of hair too short to end up anywhere except floating around which can be pretty frustrating. This video by Brittany Marie will help you out with this challenge where all the self-discipline in the world is needed in order not to cut your hair short once again.

The tutorial presents super-fast and easy bun hairstyles for short hair. According to Brittany, these are “perfect easy hairstyles for school and college when you’re running late and still want to look cute”.

Half-up space buns


Playing around with accessories


Messy bun for short hair

Low pigtail buns

Half-up top knot

Brittany Marie is a vlogger who has recently started doing only crueltyfree beauty videos which include simple and pretty makeup tutorials as well as easy DIY videos that are super fun to recreate. The hard-working Brittany uploads new content every Wednesday and Sunday so make sure you subscribe to her channel for more similar content.

In the video, you will find how easy it actually is to achieve each and every one of these five short bun-hairstyles. It literally doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes, find out how!