Running late? Today we are doing five one-minute hairstyles under the guidance of Milabu!

Self-proclaimed beauty addict Milabu is a vlogger hosting her YouTube channel that seeks to bring people easy tutorials for short hair and hairstyles, makeup, and lifestyle in general.

This girl has more than 464,000 subscribers on her channel. And I can see why! She is completely unpretentious and truly gifted at what she does!

Whatever it is that you wanna do, make sure to dry wash your hair first.

#1 Half-Up Ponytail

Grab some hair right from above the ear and bring it high up, where you want your ponytail to sit. Fasten with clear elastic. In order to hide it, take a strand of hair from behind the ponytail and start wrapping it around the band.

#2 Ornamented Half-Up

Using hair accessories will introduce some glam into a fairly simple hairstyle such as the half up ponytail.

Divide your hair in the middle, leave a bit of your fringe and pull your hair towards the back. Bring it in the middle and fasten it with a golden pin.

#3 Messy Top Knot

Grab the portion of the hair which is right above your forehead and pull it upwards. Try to bring it straight at 90 degrees. Then, tie with an elastic band. Pull apart the bun a little bit to gain volume. Wrap whatever hair is left around the ponytail.

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#4 Textured UpDo

Divide your hair into three sections, a middle one and one on each side.  The middle one is in the back whereas the other ones are clipped on the sides. Now, do a three strand braid off of each section. Tug them out a little bit to give them volume!

Then, we are just going to put them together. Take one side and bobby pin it under the middle one. Now, take the one from the other side and to the same. Finally, the middle section will be placed on top of where those two meet and tuck it right underneath.

#5 Dutch Braid

Grab a part of the middle parting and divide it into three sections. See the video for the Dutch braid pattern. Keep the braid nice and tight first so you can loosen it later. Braid somewhere near the ear and then braid it all the way down in a plain braid. Tie it with an elastic band.

Go back and tug it out a bit to make it nice and voluminous. To finish it off, take a piece of hair from right behind where the braid ends and wrap it behind the elastic. Secure it to the head with a bobby pin!

And here’s everything in detail: