When we have blemishes, red spots and dark circles under our eyes, we prefer to go full coverage on the face. But sometimes the makeup ends up looking very unnatural and cakey and in the day time it’s kind of “too much”. Still, there are ways to make it work as explains our favorite YouTuber.

YouTube beauty phenomenon and freelance makeup artist Christen Dominique already has 1.1 million subscribers to her channel. On her latest tutorial, she tells us how much she has suffered from skin problems and knows everything when it comes to covering them. The 30-year-old shares her techniques with you guys so keep on reading/watching.


Christen starts with two primers and then moves on to foundation. The foundation should be light so it won’t look cakey with all the other products she’s going to use. With a sponge, dab the foundation smoothly on to your face.

After the foundation is in place, she goes all over her face with a face spray by Mac. Then she moves on to concealing and makes sure to blend everything well. Using a contouring stick, the YouTuber goes through the parts she thinks need more definition.

She also uses two shades of powder to set the concealer in place, and not let it be creamy. It’s time for bronzer and then finishes with a highlighter. After she’s done with the eye makeup and lips, she sprays her face on more time to ensure it lasts all day long and to not look cakey.

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Source: metdaan.com