This is for all the fashionista, who strongly feel eye make-up plays a huge role in enhancing one’s natural beauty.

Let me tell you eye-liner is a woman’s best friend and will never ditch her no matter what. So, you can always experiment with it but also be warned –

Just because you want to be glamorous, don’t be a sheep about your eye make-up.  

When it comes to getting geometric eyes, you need to be extra careful. Always remember your eyes define your face than any other. Pick any skilled artist and ask him how eyes play an important role in sketching someone’s portrait. If he is not able to sketch out accurate eyes, he will then never be able to draw his client’s face.

Same is the case with eye make-up. If this area goes wrong, you can never be able to enhance your look no matter how much lipstick you wear or gloss you put on; you will only end up looking like a geek.

The fall fashion is all about bold colors, huge accessories and vibrant patterns. And when it comes to make-up, there are two extremes: the all-natural glowing look and the dramatic geometric eyes.

Your fashion quotient allows to go schizophrenic with colors, but nothing else gets hotter than getting graphic eyes. Good news is you do not have to rely upon any professional artist to get this look. You can get those dramatic bold eyes with high-tech tweaks at much ease.

Our hot tips will help you take risks easily to get amazing results for sure. Go through our tips to get extended, half-lids or highly winged eyes. Continue reading!

  • Conceal your eye area by using a liquid foundation or concealer to bring perfection. An eye concealer will always help cover up your under eye dark circles, puffiness and discoloration if any.

  •  Now with the help of a brush apply the concealer on the problematic areas

  • Fill your upper lid till the eye brows with a neutral-shaded matte finish eye shadow to set a base

  • Now focus on the brow bone area, where you’re required to highlight it by using a bronze eye shadow

  • Now use a Kohl liner to highlight the upper and the lower eye lashes. Always start from the inner edges and keep moving outwards

  • Use a black eyeshadow to fill the upper lid, giving upward strokes towards the outer edge only to meet at the end of the eyebrows

  • Now smudge the eye liner and the kohl line with a soft brush, so as to connect the upper and lower lash line at the inside corners

  • Use your eye shadow to refill the upper lids and try going lighter as you move towards outer edg
  • Lastly, give some generous coasts of mascara to add some volume to your beautiful eyes

Hope this post was useful! So, what you’re waiting for. Get your eye liner and show your creative side!