Imagine you are all set to attend your best friend’s wedding – you have bought a gorgeous ethnic wear with statement accessories to go with it, perfect hair do for the event, and then you wake up on the D day with a spoiler on your face i.e. a pimple has popped up overnight!

We can bet that almost every girl/woman would have faced this situation in her lifetime. Dry skin, bad hair day, pimples, acmes and hair loss are some of the common ailments we’ve had to suffer some way or other in our lives. Sometimes even after utmost care, we are not able avoid such skin and hair woes.

There are ample of home remedies for beautiful skin to go through, so as to reduce these ailments even if we can’t prevent them completely.

Who doesn’t want flawless skin and the picture perfect look? I always believe we can enhance the charm of our skin, provided we follow a proper diet plan and some skincare guidelines to go through. In this edition, I have compiled some exhaustive home remedy beauty tips to help get back the glow of your skin and luster of your hair. It’s just that I am reminding you some of our test-proven Grandma’s tips which have slipped into the oblivion because of our hectic lifestyle.

I offer you 10 mantras to maintain your glowing skin. All you need is to put these beauty tips for skin into habits. Do have a look!

Mantra 1 – Cleansing

  • How often do you clean your face in a day? You should strictly follow a proper cleansing routine, so as to get rid of the dirt and pollution being depositing on your face
  • Take it as a thumb rule never to use soap on your face. Instead go for a cleanser/face wash that suits your skin type. Try to use natural face washes made at home
  • Avoid using any kind of cleanser that contains harsh chemicals, as it may just strip off the moisture from your skin

Mantra 2 – Exfoliation

  • If you’re serious about getting clear complexion then exfoliation is an essential step to follow
  • Use a good face scrub to remove the dead cells, thereby allowing new cells to come up
  • Exfoliation helps improve blood circulation, making the skin look youthful and softer

Mantra 3 – Protect Your Skin From UV Rays

  • Never forget to apply a good sunblock with SPF 30, when you step outside
  • It’s a misconception many people have that sunscreen is required only for summers. It is equally important in winters too.

Mantra 4 – Pay Attention To Areas That Need Care

  • Women above 30 should always pay special attention to certain areas such as eyes, neck, fingers etc. which show early signs of aging
  • The eye section and neck skin are the first to show wrinkles and sagging of skin. Even eyes tend to show puffiness and dark circles
  • While there are numerous beauty products available these days, you should also try these home remedies as well – Apply raw potato juice or cucumber juice to reduce dark circles. You can also keep boiled tea bags on your eyes. These home remedies help in reducing wrinkles, tan, dark spots and blemishes.
  • For the neck, you can give a massage twice a day with cocoa or almond cream. This massage will help keep the skin soft and supple.

Mantra 5 – Your Diet Always Reflects On Your Skin And Body

  • You have to make some sacrifices in order to get something. When it comes to reducing weight and skin care, you have to put a check on your bad eating habits
  • You should religiously follow a healthy diet plan, by strictly avoiding fried food, junk and anything can lead to skin ailments such as pimples, blackheads and pre-mature aging
  • Add loads of green leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals and nuts to your diet. Try avoiding meat and egg yolk. Instead add fish will help in hair growth and glowing skin
  • Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day. It helps flush out toxins from your immune system

Mantra 6 – Old Is Not Necessarily Gold Always

  • Let go your old beauty products, no matter how much they are pricey. Do not use cosmetic products that are too old
  • Always make sure to check the expiry date before buying any beauty product
  • Try avoiding to share your personal makeup tools like comb, brush etc. and items like eyeliner, kajal, lipstick compact etc. as they can easily contaminate

Mantra 7 – Do Not Forget To Remove Makeup

  • Make sure you’ve removed every trace of makeup before going to bed
  • Sleeping with makeup can clog your pores, thereby creating pimples and breakouts
  • Use an alcohol-free cleanser to remove makeup
  • Rose water is the best if you’re looking for a natural cleanser

Mantra 8 – Be A Sleeping Beauty

  • An 8 hour sleep is a must to keep your body and skin healthy
  • During sleep, our body repairs the damaged cells, replenishing the old ones
  • Lack of sleep leads to under eye dark circles and a dull mind the next day

Mantra 9 – Work Out Regularly

  • Exercise helps our body receive lot of oxygen, as we breathe heavily. Oxygen keeps our skin free from radicals that lead to dull skin and pre-mature aging
  • Try to have brisk workouts such as yoga, cycling, jogging, walking and dancing

Mantra 10 – Time To Get Rid Off Bad Habits

  • If you’re addicted to smoking, drinking and consuming tobacco then it’s time you stopped all these bad habits
  • These bad habits not only spoil the charm of your skin and body, but bring in serious health issues

These are the ten effective home remedies, which you should put into practice to maintain the glow and charm of your skin and hair.