The titans of YouTube hairstyle, makeup and beauty vlogging have come together! Twenty- nine-year-old, Chrisspy and thirty-year-old, Christen Dominique have joined forces to bring you the ultimate ‘get ready with me’ video.
They both went through their most used beauty products and techniques regarding their everyday makeup look.

Face First

Whatever makeup look you are going to be doing, it is preferred that you always start with a primer. It will both moisturize and set your face for subsequent work with foundation, concealer and contouring.
Chrisspy admits that she now completely forgets to put on any kind of base on her eyes before applying eye shadow, but that it is a must anyways!
As soon as you are done with eye primer, do your brow.

Next thing you are going to work at is your crease. For the crease, they usually, use a peachy-toned eye shadow since the point is to create the illusion of a shadow falling down on the crease and to deepen the focus.

The eye shadow shade that’s usually used for the lid is either a shade that’s a tone lighter than the one you are using for your crease or something that’s in contrast or a complimentary color.

The next step is to define the eye with an eye liner.

Fake eye lashes are used by 90% of the makeup artists around the world and the reason for that is that they add definition and drama to the eye!

Translucent powder is used when you want to a) set the concealer you’ve already placed on your underline and b) finish and set your foundation.

Contouring is done once you’ve evened out your complexion with foundation and covered the dark spots with concealer. The places that you want to contour are optional, however the cheeks and the forehead are mostly a must!
Introduce some color to your cheeks!

Finish your look by highlighting the cheekbones, the upper lip and your T-zone!

And that’s the basis of any makeup look!

Watch these two Makeup Mystics in the video below.