Aah! what a wonderful moment to be in-being pregnant. An expecting mother has one of the most beautiful times of her life. There are umpteen numbers of changes taking place in her body right now and some of them may not be as beautiful. For instance, some mothers may see a spurt in the oil production in their body. As such, she will start having an oily face or oily hair. It is not too easy to get rid of greasy hair because your entire body is now on an overdrive to produce more and more oil! So what can you do to get rid of oily hair fast?


In this article we will talk about how to fix oily hair with natural remedies. It is important to know that oily hair during pregnancy is a common occurrence and most women will face this during the very early stages of her pregnancy. A lot of women too will go on an over drive and use tons of products to get rid of oily hair during pregnancy. But it is important to know that all these synthetic products may in fact not be too effective and will end up stripping your already sensitive hair of the good oils too! Natural remedies work the best because they are soft and gentle on your hair. They are also much safer alternatives for the growing baby. You can simply use products available in your kitchen to take care of oily hair! Here are our natural remedies to get rid of oily hair during pregnancy.


In most shampoos which promise to get rid of the greasy hair, lemon is the most active ingredient. But why do you need lemon shampoo when you can use the lemon right in your kitchen! Lemon juice has clarifying properties which completely remove the grease and oil in your hair. Here’s how you can use lemon juice. Squeeze the juice of two-three lemons and apply that to your hair. Leave it on for at least 45-50 minutes and then rinse it with plain and cold water. Allow your hair to dry before you use a comb. Do it every alternative day and you will see that the oil secretion from your hair has thoroughly reduced.

Tomato Juice

This is quite an easy, but unorthodox way to get rid of oily hair. Take one ripe tomato and mash it into a pulp. Add some fuller’s earth to this mash/pulp and apply it on your hair. Let it remain on your hair for at least 30 minutes. Tomato pulp usually drips a lot, so be careful and use a shower cap. Massage your hair and rise off with cold water after 30 minutes. The hair follicles are stimulated and it prevents breakage too!

This is an excellent and very effective remedy to curb oily hair

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the gentlest items to treat oily hair during pregnancy. Apple Cider Vinegar is the one item which has the perfect pH required to keep the hair healthy and shiny. It has a natural pH of 4.25-5.0 when undiluted and when your hair is at the right pH level, you will be able to see quite some difference in your hair. It will look bouncy and will not be brittle as before. Be best friends with Apple Cider Vinegar!

Your kitchen is the best place to find amazing remedies to treat any problem! So don’t go scooting off to the supermarket. Raid your kitchen first before spending a bomb on an oily hair shampoo!

Source: fashionlady.in