Get braided for the holidays, and you know you’ll look good.

A hairstyle is an important part of a girl’s appearance. Scratch that, a hairstyle is what can make your day over the top fantastic, or rock-bottom dreadful.

Okay, that’s exaggeration. But you know what we mean, right?

It’s no secret that a lot of girls like to mix it up with their hairstyles every now and again. Whether that would be braids, or a bun, or space buns, or a palm tree, doesn’t matter.

Of course, there are lots of different styles to achieve with braids. A crown, a pull-through braid… And, if you really want to get creative with braids, here’s a great video from our favorite hair styling channel Luxy Hair.

In this video, Elanna shows you three different hairstyles that feature braids in some form.

People in the comments seem to like the styles quite a bit, and they seem to be really into her smile. Can you blame them?

Now, let’s get braided.