French tips are one of the most sophisticated and simple nails that can be done easily, with or without going to a salon. But like anything in fashion, it comes and goes. Now, there is another trend that is definitely going to be around for a long time; and it has every reason to be. It’s simple, yes, but also fabulous and sophisticated. Plus it’s something new and refreshing to the eyes of world so it would surely become one of the trends this year. What am I talking about? It’s the Crescent Moon Nails.

So the French tip is usually when you paint a different color on your nail tips. Usually the base would be cream, pale pink or clear polish. Then the tip is usually in white though variations and styles have evolved playing with different colors and with different accessories. The Crescent Moon on the other hand, is quite similar to the French tip, only you would be accenting the part of your nail that looks like a crescent moon or known as the lunula.

The thing with the Crescent Moon Nails however is that it’s not really necessary to follow the shape of your lunula. Rather, you’d be following the shape of your cuticles. Don’t worry as we’d definitely have lots of inspiration down below.

Quick Tips on Keeping Your Nails Ready for its Transformation

Just a quick tip to keep your nails ready. You would know the basics such as removing the old nail polish and keeping your fingernails clean. But here are a little bit more tips that could really help you.


  • Keep your nails hydrated. Frequent usage of nail polish remover could make your nails dry. So while your moisturizing your face and body, you can also add some on your nails. Or if you want, you can actually get cuticle moisturizers that will keep your nails looking healthy.
  • Get that base coat. There are various types of base coats you can get depending on your nail type. While some nails are normal and even healthy, some are actually brittle. Whatever your nail type is, always apply a single layer. It will definitely make your nail polish look better.
  • Wear rubber gloves. If you have to do the dishes later on, then be sure you have your rubber gloves on. Dishwashers and nail polish doesn’t exactly have good relationship together.
  • Nail hardeners and calcium gels are your friends. To get stronger nails, nail hardeners and calcium gels are your allies. Use your preferred products regularly and in time, you’d see and feel the difference.


So now that you’re ready and filled with useful information, we can get started with some inspirations for your initiation on the Crescent Moon Nail trend!