YouTube vlogger Sveta Sanders has more than 50.000 followers and more than 70 nail art videos.

I don’t know if this last one was inspired by the upcoming Valentine’s Day Holiday but it surely seems like it. In addition, she introduces us to the technique of gradient nail art.

What you’ll need is one eggshell white nail polish for the base and one blackcurrant purple nail polish for the top coat. Use liquid latex to avoid smudges. The last thing you’ll need is some heart-shaped nail ornaments.

Set the base with the eggshell white. The next step might seem completely crazy to you but please follow the instructions closely as well as the video. The outer edges of the cuticle will be ‘polished’ with liquid latex. It is absolutely removable and it will keep the nail polish smudges away.

Take a makeup sponge and run one blackcurrant purple line upwards. The line should be the length of your nail. Run two more lines at either side of the previous one. Nail class 101, right?

Press the sponge onto the nail. The pattern from the sponge will copy itself onto the nail.

Now remove that coat of liquid latex that you did around your cuticles with tweezers.

Next, you want to protect your pattern with a top coat of translucent nail polish. It will smoothen things out and give a shiny finish.

For the last little detail, you will want to react fast and be really precise!

Take the heart-shapes ornaments and stick them to the top coat while it is still wet. It will help the hearts glue to the nail and stay put.  Glue them right on top of the purple line.

Lastly, wait for the nail polish to dry.

I bet you the hearts will attract attention as you hold a glass of champagne!