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Recently, I thought of pampering myself with a luxury brand. I purchased a few Gucci products from their outlet in Dubai and I’ll be reviewing the primer today.

Price: $52
Product Description:
Silk Priming Serum prepares the complexion for flawless makeup application, creating a remarkable silk effect. The serum-like texture glides across the skin and quickly absorbs to instantly hydrate. The delicately balanced formula contains a natural conditioning agent and blend of silk-feel polymers, while optical ingredients blur fine lines and pores. The skin is left feeling soft, supple and optimized for even foundation coverage.

• Silk priming serum
• Dermatologically tested
• Aqueous formula for fast absorption
• Apply to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin using the fingertips
• Use with lustrous glow foundation, luminous perfecting concealer and luxe finishing powder. Serum can also be worn alone to refresh and hydrate the skin.
• Lightweight, serum-like texture
• 30 ml/1 fl.oz
• Contains conditioning agents and a blend of silk-feel polymers

My Experience with Gucci Silk Priming Serum:

The Gucci store in Dubai makes me drool, especially the makeup section. Hence, I finally picked up a few products; lipstick, foundation and primer is what I ended up buying. Today, let’s talk about the primer from the Gucci Face range; this one is their Silk Priming Serum. This is the only primer they have in their range.

Let’s admire the packaging for a bit. The primer comes in a black glass bottle with a black textured plastic cap. The font is golden and the signature Gucci logo is present on the top of the cap. It has a sturdy and immensely classy packaging but the bottle feels a bit heavy, hence it’s not ideal for travels. It comes with a pump, which makes the usage very hygienic. It has a shelf life of twelve months after opening.

Practically, it is a dual purpose product which can be used as a serum as well as a primer for the face. I pump out a pea sized amount for one use, which is sufficient for the face and neck area. The serum is white in colour. The texture is sheer and it almost resembles a light moisturizer. It gets quickly absorbed by my skin and feels very light.


Upon application, my skin feels hydrated and refreshed. It feels quite smooth as well. However, it does not blur out my skin imperfections, especially pigmentation, acne marks etc. I also can not see a noticeable impact on pores or fine lines.

My foundation applies smoothly over this primer and my makeup stays put for more than 8 hours. If you are looking for a primer to give you a very dewy finish, then this is not your pick. This one doesn’t really give a glow to the face. This primer would suit oily, normal as well as dry skin types.

Overall, I think this primer would best suit people with a little or no imperfections as they just require hydration and smoothening. This serum can also be worn alone to refresh and hydrate the skin if not as a makeup base.

Pros of Gucci Silk Priming Serum:

• Blends well
• Light formula
• Gets quickly absorbed
• Hydrates the skin
• Smoothens the skin
• Good for people who have healthy skin with little or no imperfections

Cons of Gucci Silk Priming Serum:

• Does not help much with pores or fine lines
• Does not blur skin imperfections
• Expensive

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Source: makeupandbeauty.com