I have always been a little sceptic about hair coloring. What if all those chemicals damage my hair and most importantly, what if it turns out to be a disaster? But then, I had always wanted to try it too. If you have similar feelings about introducing color to your hair, you are going to love Hair Chalking. This is the coolest non-committal hair coloring technique ever! You can turn your tresses into a rainbow and then easily wash it off with shampoo as soon as you are done flaunting it.

The humble chalk is the star here. For most of us, chalks bring back memories of school days. You may have also used it at home to draw rangoli patterns or hopscotch grids. Any art students here? You may remember it as the soft pastels that are great for smudging. .I wouldn’t suggest the blackboard chalks for dying your hair, however the soft pastels from your local art shop are perfect for this DIY technique. Just make sure they are not oil based pastels. Now, let’s find out all about this new hair styling trend:

So, What’s Hair Chalking?

Hair Chalking has become a popular DIY Beauty trend ever since hair stylists started using it on the runway and celebrities, a couple of years ago. But the humble chalk is no stranger to the beauty department – it has been around since the ancient Romans who used chalks to lighten their skin. The aristocrats from later centuries powdered their wigs with chalk to keep them bright. And now it’s back to style your modern day hair cuts – from the pixie to long wavy layers.

How To Chalk Dye Your Hair?

Hair Chalking is a easy DIY technique that you can master with 2-3 practice sessions. You’ll need wax based soft pastels from your local art shop. You can also try special hair chalks available from top beauty brands like L’Oréal. But these can be expensive and it’s always better to go for a trial with the cheaper soft chalks. And they are available in every color you can imagine.

This hair coloring technique works on every type of hair – long, short, thick, thin or colored. For dark Indian hair, you’ll need some water to apply the chalk so that the color shows brightly and is absorbed better. But if you have lighter tips like in say blonde shades, you can apply the chalk directly to dry hair. The chalk won’t damage your hair and will come off easily with shampoo. However, if you are concerned about chemicals, you can buy non-toxic chalks specially formulated for chalk dying hair.

Once you have done chalking and your hair is completely dry, seal in the colors with a straightener or curling iron.

Tips and tricks for Chalk dying your hair:

  1. Style your hair before applying chalk.
  2. If you are using soft pastels from your local stationery shop, make sure they are not oil pastels.
  3. Twist strands of hair and then apply chalk to it as the texture formed by twisting will get more pigment into your hair.
  4. Always lightly brush off the excess powder after chalk dying.
  5. Updos and fishtails are ideal for chalk dyed hair as it will keep the colors away from your clothes. Moisture can cause staining sometimes.
  6. Use a towel or robe to cover your shoulders and a mat on the floor to catch the dust.
  7. Before you wash your hair, brush out as much color as you can with a hairbrush.
  8. Don’t chalk your hair too often. You are using powdered pigment and this can soak up a lot of natural moisture.
  9. Use a conditioner after shampooing off the color to lock in all the moisture lost.

So, is it that easy? – You might be wondering. Yes! It works and you can easily get those popping highlights for a night out. Or ask a friend to help out if you need to chalk dye all off your hair.

Source: fashionlady.in