We always run out of ideas and inspiration when it comes to looking fresh, styling and doing cute and beautiful hairstyles. It takes a lot of time and sometimes we just don’t get that lucky to do everything well.

But, it is now high time we make some time for ourselves and we have it all covered for you. Karin from Luxy Hair channel on Youtube will inspire you with outfit ideas and creative hairstyles. You can also visit her own channel called KarinDragos.

They will look amazing on you, you will be forever thankful. Now, from Monday to Friday you know what to do.


Plaid shirt + top knot


Cozy sweater + braids half-do.


White blouse + dutch braid pony


Jean jacket + french braid


Cute coat & hat + fishtail braid

Hella weekend. Enjoy!

Source: www.metdaan.com