I always thought that fixing your hair after you take a shower, takes a lot of time. Brushing it, blow drying, straightening/curling iron, hair products, hairstyles etc, so I always just brushed it and let it take form by itself. But who knew that you could create hairstyles with wet hair without going through “hell”?

Beauty addicts, YouTuber Milabu loves to create how-to beauty tutorials for short hair, makeup and lifestyle in general. She has a lot of videos for different kinds of braids, updos, hair buns, hacks, tricks, tips etc. She is very creative and entertaining. Today, we’re going to see one of her hair tutorials where she created 5 wet hairstyles. Finally!

1. Twisted updo

You start by using your favorite hair products and then brush to distribute evenly and untangle. Take hair from the front and twist, until you make your way to the back and create a small bun.

2. Slicked back

For this one you are basically going to brush your hair and then smooth it back. If you want to make everything cuter, use a decorative bobby pin and then spritz some hair spray to keep it in place.

3. Roll updo

Take a hair band, place it on your head and then take your hair to the back of your head and roll up the ends. You will have such a royal, cute look.

4. Sleek ponytail

Brush your hair and then take it all behind your ears and tie in a ponytail. For this hairstyle you can take a gold or silver cuff to add some class.

5. Half updo

Last but not least is this super easy half updo. Take two pieces from each side of the front and tie them both together at the back of your head. Add other pieces of hair and twist into a small ponytail in the back. Cute as!

What do you guys think? Do you like these wet hairstyles? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Source: metdaan.com