The new Beauty and the Beast movie is a global phenomenon. With a production budget of $160 million, it is the most expensive musical ever made; no one is complaining, though, as it became the highest-grossing live-action musical of all time in just ten days. After less than three weeks since its release, Beauty and the Beast had grossed $710.7 million worldwide.

It’s based on the famous French fairy tale from the XVIII century, written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and was first published in 1740. What probably adds to this live action/computer-animated film’s quality is that it builds upon the movie it remakes, instead of trying to go one better as so many remakes do. Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast from 1991 is a great movie in its own right, and this one re-uses everything that’s good about it, most notably the music.

As always, Kayley Melissa doesn’t wait for things to cool off. Knowing that many of you will want to have one of those hairstyles as soon as you leave the cinema, the 26-year-old hair tutorial master has come up with the perfect answer(s).

The video has the half updo, ponytail updo, and theball updo from the movie. Kayley says all of them are fairly easy to recreate, and we believe her – after all, her whole vlogging philosophy is about creating hairstyles that anyone can replicate! So check them out and quench your Beauty and the Beast thirst, but also have them in the back of your mind whenever you wanna feel like a true Disney princess!


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