Disney is on a serious road to being in every possible part of our lives, and that’s fine because we absolutely love it. And if like me, you were Cinderella (or Snow White, Tiana, Ariel, Pocahontas or Belle), you probably imagined that your love life will be a fairy tale from day one.

And then you grew up, but NEVERTHELESS! That’s no reason not to shove Disney in more aspects of your life. Like jewelry. Like engagement rings!

When you see these, you’ll either want to renew your vows, or get proposed to immediately. If none of these is an option, then I’d suggest you go ahead and get that ring from you to you. Seriously. You’re enough, especially with a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ themed ring, COME ON!

The Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Collection:

1. This Cinderella-inspired, diamond-encrusted band.

2. And this is the “Cinderella Carriage” ring. Can you feel the little details?

3. The rose from Beauty and the Beast.

4. The Belle touch on this is so subtle and gorgeous, I’m going crazy here.

5. You’ve guessed it – Elsa.

6. And another Elsa – a snowflake and simplicity. Like wearing an ice ring made by her.

Source: metdaan.com