Summer is already too hot, and believe me that the last thing you need is more heat especially from hair styling equipment. All you really need is some tips and hacks, and three main braid hairstyles for a daytime go-to. If you need help to decide, you will find the tutorial below very helpful.

Shalini Samuel, is trying out today 3 heatless braid hairstyles that look gorgeous for this weather. To learn how she creates the looks follow the post below and enjoy.


Take a section from the front and do a fishtail braid. After you’re done, move it in the back of your head. With the rest of the hair you have left down, create a fishtail braid again and take out some pieces of hair in the front for a messier look.


Parting your hair in the middle, make two regular braids on the two sides and secure them in the back together. For a more creative look, start pulling some pieces of hair from the sides and twist them into the braids.


For the last hairstyle, take a section of hair on top of your head and divide it into three parts. Make three regular braids from them and start wrapping around until you create three little braid buns.

If you guys want to see all the details, click down below and enjoy!


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