Ugh, like we don’t have enough food online to drool over, now we have to drool over nails, amirite? This doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy these amazing, chocolate-inspired nails these people managed to perfect.

What colors of nail polish do you have at home? Black? Pink? Red, of course? Brown is usually avoided, and not for nails only. And while it’s a matter of taste for clothes, chocolate goes with everything, so it certainly won’t be a mistake to go with it on your nails.

So to satisfy your chocolate craving AND your nail craving, scroll down and thank us (or the amazing people who came up with them) later.

1. Why didn’t I think of buying brown nail polish shades before?

2. Well, there goes my ‘Not biting my nails’ New Year’s resolution.

3. Chocolate praline nails? Can we chew on them? No? Okay…

4. Well, this is just harsh. They totally look like peanut M&M’s that are totally good enough to eat.

5. And these just look like they’ve been dipped in something you’ve been preparing for a cake. Is that ‘no-chewing’ resolution still on?

6. I need brown nail polish.

Hungry yet? Because I’m on my way to get 10 shades of brown nail polish and chocolate bonbons on the way.