Are you struggling on winter hairstyles? I know it’s seems like too much work to worry about hair sometimes, but with a headband we have a solution! It’s not only a solution, we also have a style that goes perfectly with braids especially.

YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyle has come up with 3 easy hairstyles that you can do only for 5 minutes. When you are having a bad day or just not feeling yourself, consider trying out these unique braids. Jordan is going to show us the whole.

Braided Bun and headband

You start by putting on the headband around your neck and tie your hair up in a high pony tail. Put the headband on your head and then separate your pony tail into two pieces of hair. Make a loop, twist and secure it with bobby pins. With the piece of hair that it’s left, create a simple braid and wrap it around the bun you created earlier.

Double Stacked Fishtails

Part your hair in two sections. Then, create two fishtail braids. Using your hands, make your braids more loose. You’re done!

Inverse Pull-Through Pony

Again, start by putting the headband around your neck and then create a high pony. Put the headband on your head and then using hair elastics create a braid through the pony tail.

Are you willing to try these hairstyles?

So cool! If you want to see more of the process, press the play button.