DoIt Yourself is not just something you resort to when your budget is running low. It is a whole philosophy of living. The DIY ethic is an attempt at living as sustainably as possible by maximizing the possibilities to adapt, re-use and repair the things around us. Also, to only resort to new purchases when those possibilities have been exhausted. And let’s not forget that a gift you’ve put your though, effort and craftsmanship is usually a meaningful gift.

In this way we battle the consumerist impulse to buy and replace as soon as something breaks down.

When it comes to gifts, DIY is not only a counterpoint for the corporate commercialization of holidays, but also a way to enrich the presents we are handing out with extra meaning, through the effort and handwork we’ve put in creating them.

DIY gifts can be more meaningful to give

Check out this video by vlogger Shelby Church and find out how to create really meaningful and personal Christmas that will stand out from the bunch.