Nail art is one of the most common ways to make a fashion statement nowadays. It has been around since forever, but it really has increased in popularity in recent times.

While you definitely need to be creative and have some talent to make nail art that will truly blow people away, to make something quick and fun, you don’t need too many skillz.

Anyone can design some creative and fun nails, believe it or not. It’s not hard, you just need to believe that you can draw something cool, and you’ll do it!

Of course, a lot of people who are just recently getting into the nail art craze, might think that you need some sort of special tools and application technique to make it all look legit. While this is somewhat true, it doesn’t have to be the case.

It’s actually possible to give your nails some artistic flair without the need for professional tools. Just a few colors of nail polish, and a toothpick will do just fine.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video by SaraBeautyCorner.