Photos are amazing inventions. Essentially, photos are quite literally documents of the past. A way of keeping certain memories of the past in some sort of physical form.

Don’t you just love dusting off the old photo albums with your family and seeing pictures of yourself as a 4-year-old?

I imagine quite a lot of you have burst into tears whenever you look at old pictures of yourself, and that’s okay.

Anyways, most of us keep our old photos in regular old photo albums. It makes sense since they all fit and you can see them there easily. But what if you’re just that little bit more creative?

Well, this magic photo holder is for you!

This iss a tutorial on how to make a “magic” photo holder using a few wooden cubes. It looks really cool and it’s a fun little way to showcase some of your photos and impress your friends for a bit.

Check out the tutorial below: