To draw snowflakes on the nails with an ordinary needle ?????? is the simplest way to get  some New Year spirit. But this way demands to be skilled in certain way. So, how to draw snowflakes on your nails at home correctly.

1. Degrease the nail surface using the nail polish remover

2. Winter Apply the basic. Ideally it’s better to use blue or light blue colour, but it’s also possible to use the one you like more. The manicure with snowflakes doesn’t look bad on black, silver , scarlet or vinous background. If your nail polish contains tinsels, your painting will look even more effective.
3. Medresesi Define the place where your snowflake is going to be. Gently apply a drop of nail polish of a contrast color and immediately  spread the rays into different directions using a thin needle. You have to do it very quickly, until the nail polish solidifies.

4. Apply the protective covering on the top.

If you wish you could decorate your nails with  rhinestones, different small stones, tinsels, but the winter manicure with snowflakes is perfect You itself. Further you could Newborn see fashionable ideas  of nail designing Her with snowflakes.