A leopard print on your nails will not only emphasize your natural sexuality and femininity but also will let you be able to feel a confident and courageous winner of men’s hearts. Every girl is able to make a nail art like this one herself. It is  possible to create bright and stylish “Leopard” manicure in different colors , using transparent or color basic. A picture like that is rather laconic and self-sufficient but it can be applied as an additive element to a usual for us strict French manicure or bright and colorful gradient manicure.  There are lots and lots of varieties of making this manicure. The choice of one or another leopard nail art depends on the general style and image of the owner, as any nail art is chosen by the principle of harmony.


A correctly made beautiful manicure with leopard design will be a wonderful accent of a bright image and will suit most of the girls. However before applying leopard spots you should follow certain rules, thanks to them your design will be harmonic and elegant. Leopard manicure suits mostly to long and middle nails, the owners of short nails are not recommended leopard pattern, as it will look a little bit untidy and ridiculous. Leopard manicure is  an ideal variant for almond- shaped and square nails and the owners of oval- shaped or other, more extreme, shape should think of other types of nail art. As for a square, it can be made with sharp or round edges, as this isn’t going to influence the state of leopard manicure, it will look good anyway. It is not necessary for the pattern to be made in the same color as the animal’s fur, you can choose the matching colors yourself. The  basis of the manicure and the leopard’s dots can be of different colors. The most important that they look good on your nails.


Before drawing the patterns, cover the nails with the basis , which will prevent their coloring and will protect them from the influence of chemicals which are contained in the nail polishes.

  1. Choose the color of the base and apply it on the nails. To have a deeper and richer color shade, it is recommended to cover the nails with 2 layers of the nail polish. Check each layer to dry out well either you have a risk to smash all the manicure while doing the next steps.
  2. Now take the nail polish which is contrast to your basis and put some small dots, chaotically located all over the surface
  3. Then take a darker shade , black or brown, make a mount to the painted dots. To do this you will need a thin brush or a dots stick, but you can also manage to do smooth curves using just an ordinary toothpick. The color of the contour depends on the whole composition and the effect that you want to.
  4. Cover the finished picture with transparent nail fixer.
  5. In fact all these processes aren’t difficult at all even for inexperienced beginners; however this kind of manicure requires your thoroughness. Perhaps you won’t get a desired result but in some time you will learn to create wonderful patterns in leopard style.