If  you’re a nail art enthusiast, by now you’ve probably gone through a thousand tutorials and tested about half of them. And just the fact that you enjoy looking at your own nails is reason enough to indulge in the project. The fact that people around you are amazed is just a bonus. And it’s all very lovely, but if you don’t go through the prep process – you got nothing.

Why prep?

Well, simply because you can have the best nail design, you can have diamonds instead of rhinestones, and gold slips instead of stickers, but if your hands are rough and if you let your nail beds go, it will look bad. Your effort will be for nothing.

Betty, or Bettina Faggyas is a certified nail technician from Hungary, and lucky for us – has a Youtube channel. And there are not only designs and art there. There’s also crucial advice on how to take good care of your nails.

The whole prep process is in the video below, and she explains step by step what she does.

First, she takes care of the cuticles. You can soften them with moisturizer and wait a little before you do this. Then she uses a filing machine to remove the excess of the previous manicure, although, I’d take this with a grain of salt. If you file the top of your nail too much, you might end up with a very bristle, fragile nail. So be careful with this one. She does it to gel nails, so I’m guessing it doesn’t do as much damage to natural nails.

The video is useful for those of you trying this at home and for budding nail technicians too. So if you consider yourself nail-savvy, it might be the one for you.

Source: metdaan.com