Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiacs? Even if you do not, we are sure you cannot resist delving into it for the pure fun and thrill of it! It is attracting the fashion world as well. Zodiac signs are becoming the deciding factor in you making a statement in your braids, makeup, lingerie and even your ink. However, the one most in vogue is definitely the nail art designs based on your zodiac. From subtle to striking, zodiac nail art based on elements of water, earth, air and fire are making waves all over. Let’s check out some which ought to lend you new inspiration for your next manicure session!


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – Zodiac Signs Of Fire

If you belong to any of these signs, your fiery side is so prominent and buzzing with super energy and high creativity. You are also born leaders. Manifest this blazing hot side of yours through this flame inspired nail art based on your horoscope and shine true to your personality! To achieve it over a base coat on your manicured nails, apply one to two coats of orange nail polish. Once dried, take yellow polish and swipe one strip on the top edge, preferably with a cosmetic sponge up to ¼ nail. Lift the sponge and repeat the process by placing the sponge just slightly so that the yellow strip looks jagged instead of perfect to look like burning flames. Once completely dried, finish off with the top coat.

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo – Zodiac Signs Representing Earth

With trait marks of being real and tangible, hardworking and productive individuals with a surprising stubborn streak makes a definition for this group. A two toned ombre nail speckled with gold is the ultimate nail design ideas for zodiac signs of this group. To start off, apply two coats of mint polish on your manicured hands with base polish. Now swipe a strip of the hunter green polish at the far edge of the cosmetic wedge and one strip of mint in parallel to it. Immediately press the wet paint on the top half of your nail. Now lift the wedge and repeat the process twice or thrice to nail the blurry color transition or ombre effect. Once dried, drop spots of metallic gold polish on the nails and spread them while wet with a nail art marbling tool to get the messy ooze. Finish off with the top coat.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – Zodiac Signs Of Water

These water signs are caught between reality and imagination which gives rise to turbulent and conflicting emotions. Obviously, this makes the decision making a tall and upheaval task! Transcend the tornado of indecision on your digits through the zodiac nail art of an aquatic reverse half moon realized through dual shades of blue! Once the base coat has been applied and dried on your manicured nails, create a half moon with your navy blue polish, starting from the cuticle. Ensure to leave the bottom of the nail exposed in the shape of a semi-circle. In case you find the step challenging or feel your hands are simply not steady enough, use a reinforcement sticker on the bottom 1/3 nail that must be left bare. Paint the exposed nail completely and let dry. Once dried, remove the sticker. Now, using a teal or grayish-blue polish, create a curved line along the right side of the nail, starting from the bottom right part of nail and finishing along the top edge. The reinforcement sticker would be immensely helpful here as well! Apply the top coat once the polish has dried and you are done!

Libra, Aquarius, Gemini – Zodiac Signs Representing Air

Known for their brains and intellect, these signs are hallmarked by their breezy nature! Transcending the clouds on your digits is the perfect way to flaunt the nail art designs based on your zodiac for this group. Painting it is super easy as well! On your manicured nails with base coat already dried, apply one or two coats of light blue color similar to that of a sky. After it has dried completely, use the marble tool and white polish taken out in a shallow dish to create small dots along the top edge of your nail. Stagger your dots and overlap them so that they give the appearance of fluffy clouds. Apply top coat after it has dried to give the flawless airy vibe!

Weren’t they super easy to try at home? Do you have any such zodiac based nail art up your sleeve? Please share your take on this latest fashion rage!