Keeping our nails clean has grown to be an interesting trend nowadays. It’s just not enough to keep them looking pink and presentable, but fashionable nails or Nail Art is the thing to follow. Even before, the concept of nail art was already around the corner and women did a lot of things just to make coloring their nails possible. In today’s pop culture women, artists and hobbyists have come together to revel in more possibilities when it comes to nail art.

Japan is a well known hub for fashion and novelty ideas. Japanese Nail Art has grown into a very popular scene in Japan. It’s not only a hobby but has developed into culture where more and more enthusiasts continue to grow each year. Japanese Nail Art has graced the covers of hundreds of Japanese magazines as well as social media. There are even expos dedicated solely to Japanese Nail Art.

Among the well known Japanese Nail Art are Nail Up!, Nail Venus, Stylish Nail and Nail Max. However hard it might be for you to get them from outside of Japan, they can still be shipped and all you need to do would be to look up online and see how many the shipping costs. For more assistance you can also try for tips and guides on how to get those edgy and hard to find Japanese Nail Art magazines. Tokyo Samurai is also a good choice, although it needs a subscription from you. In case you are a bit low on the budget, try considering the livejournal group J Magazine Scans. They have a lot of free and downloadable nail art scans which you can use for starters.

As a starter, you can make your own Japanese Nail Art Effect using two ways; buying 3D decorations made from plastic and glue them on your nail, or you can get your own acrylic and paint your own nails. Some say that it requires a lot of talent on painting your own nails; you can still start from scratch. The important thing is you have the passion and the creativity to paint out the actual design you want. However it is recommended for beginners to start with pre-made nails. It’s easy to buy pre-made nails that you can easily glue on from online and actual stores. This goes the same for acrylic paint and powder. All it takes is a lot of patience and practice.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that if you can’t create your own nail art, you can never have those cute nails. What are Nail Salons for? You can try and visit one near your area. In Japan there are plenty of Nail Salons that one can run to, but in the West they may be pretty hard to come by. In that case you can get help from talented nail artists. You can try looking up Dollish Polish, Yukiumi and Bling Up.
Why not try and check out these amazing Japanese Nail Art pictures that might just give you a great idea or inspiration on your way to starting your Nail Art passion.