Kaushal Beauty is an internet gift! And, by now, we agreed that makeup is god’s gift to humans (or Egypt’s gift, fine) and that anyone can wear it and look gorgeous. And there are so many good reasons to wear it.

It gives us self-confidence.

Enhances bone structure.

We look healthier.

We express ourselves and our lovely, colorful personalities.

It’s simply gorgeous.

All those styles, colors, fluffy brushes and textures.

There are tutorials now, for everyone to know how to do it.

And if you don’t wear makeup? Well, we here love it, but we still want to be friends with gorgeous you, makeup or no makeup.

We have a video here from Kaushal Beauty that will get makeup addicts slobbering. A haul. A ton of makeup. And tests and swatches and how-tos. So if you were thinking about getting some fresh blood for your makeup arsenal, this video is the way to start. See what you have and what you don’t have, what to buy and what to avoid, and tell us your advice, if you have any.

And let’s celebrate makeup hauls!

*checks account statement, plans money for own makeup haul*

Source: metdaan.com