Braids are a fantastic hairstyle. It’s perfect if you want a practical “tied up” hairstyle that looks good both for everyday events and special occasions, and it also has a great benefit: when you de-braid, you’ll have some fantastic curls. For your everyday life, of course, we tend to have just double braids, in some cases double Dutch braids, as they are the easiest and most practical and you look gorgeous with them.

If you want to wear a braid but a more special occasion is coming up, come this way for Kayley Melissa’s infinity braid and accompanying hairstyles.

The 26-year-old YouTuber introduces this hairstyle as her “new BFF”, and explains the reason for making a video on it is that the hairstyle is finally in its moment and is trending once more, so she decided to hop on and share how to make this gorgeous hairstyle to her 1.3 million subscribers (as of May 2017).

The routine kicks off as any braid does

She grabs a section of her hair and then separates into three parts, one of which she calls “the working part”, because “it is doing all the work”. She then continues to wrap the working section around the rest of the hair.

The style starts to take shape

In case you didn’t catch it already, the name “infinity braid” comes from the hair within the braid forming an infinity sign.

After acquiring your new infinity skills, you’ll need some actual hairstyles to make good use of them. Don’t worry, Kayley has taken care of that too.

Half updo

Accented crown braid

There are more, as well as a more detailed guide on how to do the starting point of these hairstyles, but I’d rather not spoil it for you. What I suggest you do is check out the video below. It’s a great video, and you’ll acquire a few more hairstyling skills as well.