The latest collaboration of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian for Kylie Cosmetic’s nudes has been very successful. In the picture of two sisters together wearing the nude lipstick, you can see how much they really look alike.

The natural, smooth makeup they both have on has inspired YouTube makeup artists to re-create. This time we’re talking about Jelena Peric who has gained renown for her detailed fashion, makeup, and beauty tutorial posts, as well as product advice. In her latest tutorial, she shows us how to achieve a Kardashian/Jenner natural makeup look.


The 25-year-old artist starts with the foundation and then continues with concealer, bronzer, blush and highlighter. Shee keeps everything well balanced to create a smooth natural face.


On the eyes, she puts on a nude brown and some white eyeshadow. She applies eyelashes and uses a mascara.


For the lips, Jelena doesn’t have the lipstick but uses a similar nude from Kylie’s earlier edition. We can admit that it looks pretty much the same though.

People loved it by commenting on her channel:

“omg who else thought it was the actual pic of kim in the thumbnail? Lol”

Someone else added:

“hey girl u look sooo beautiful this look is sooo fab xxx”

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