3D printing is one of the biggest current technology crazes of our time. ‘Our time’, no longer suggests a generation but a fleeting moment in tech innovation.

Esentially, 3D printing is the process of applying layer after layer of plastic on top of each other in a certain way, which leads to the creation of a desired shape.

3D printing can allow for objects to be tailor made to specific design specifications, that can advance medical technology and make access to such equipment cheaper and better.

At first, 3D printing wasn’t exactly commercially available, and was only used for niche stuff. But now, anyone can buy a 3D printer, and they’re being used for more and more things as time goes on.

For example, the Edag Light Cocoon car’s “endoskeleton” was created entirely through 3D printing. And of course, that one time when a YouTuber 3D printed a Songbird pistol

So there are huge advances in the medical and industrial spheres and now it’s trickled down to the cosmetic world of makeup.

Laura Lee heads to the Smashbox studios to try out some 3D printed lipstick.

She’s most interested in ‘does it work?’ and gives it a whirl for her viewers to demonstrate the crazy new technology. I’m not entirely convinced she’s impressed with the product but as you can see for yourself it does indeed work.


Watch her put the printing to the test here.

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Source: www.metdaan.com