Professional makeup artist and YouTube personality Jaclyn Roxanne Hill was born in 1990 in Illinois, United States.

At the age of 26, she is already highly influential in the world of DIY beauty tutorials, with more than 3 million followers tuning into her videos for inspiration or help.

Jaclyn will take us through the easiest glam look possible today.

Prime your face. Apply your go-to foundation with a Kabuki brush. She is using the Dior Forever Foundation. Proceed by touching up the dark circles around your eyes with a concealer. Use a beauty sponge to tap the concealer into the skin.

Set the foundation with a translucent powder. The powder that is used in this video is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder.

Doing these articles on a daily basis now, I’ve noticed that some of the makeup artists will go and use bronzers as eye shadow for their crease area. This is exactly what Jaclyn does in this video.  She used the Colourpop X Alexis Ren Topaz Bronzer on her crease. Apply some matte brown eyeshadow on the outer part of the upper lash line.

Proceed by doing your brows and as soon as you are done, put some mascara on your lashes. Then, we are going to put on some fake lashes! Highlight the brow bone in the meantime. Now, glue on the lashes. “Avoid tweezers!” says Jaclyn. “There are tons of lash application tools you can use that are much safer than tweezers.”

Once you’re done with the lashes, apply some white, pencil eyeliner.

Go back to your cheeks. Define them with a bronzer. She is using the exact same shade that she used on the crease.

From here on out, it’s just attention to details. She went back to set her brows with a colorless, eyebrow gel mascara and also used some highlighter on the inner corner of the eye. Furthermore, since we just used bronzer on the cheeks, we are now going to introduce some color to them, too!

Highlight the cheekbones as well! Don’t forget the lips! Fix on your look with a spray fixer! That’s it!

Glam without the grunt work. Check out the video below to see Jaclyn in action.


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