There’s trends you like, and trends you can’t stand, but the holographic everything trend is somehow so close to my heart, I plan to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

Holographic shoes, then holographic phone cases, pencil cases and school supplies. Holographic makeup (which is rad, by the way), and then holographic NAILS!

For all those girlie-girls out there, and even those who enjoy black from head to toe – these nails will be a refreshment.


See? Refreshing.

Now, all hail The Nails Queen, and long may she live, for she’ll show you and me too, how to achieve this look. She has more than a 117K subscribers to her Youtube channel, and you’ll see why in a minute.

This is the base color she uses:

And she shows alternatives in the video too.

She uses a UV/LED top coat that will contain the holographic pigment:

LED light for 30 seconds, like this:

The pigment application, finally!

And because it’s wise and time-saving, she uses liquid latex that she puts on before putting on any product. It’s easily removed and the area around the nails is clean.

She seals everything with clear gel.

For the detailed process, there’s a very elaborate video. She mentions alternatives for many of the products she uses, explains every step along the way and basically shows us how to do everything. So yeah, these gorgeous nails are just a Youtube video (and some product shopping) away.