The lips relate to our ability to nurture others in loving relationships. An expert in face reading, Jean Hanner says, ” The most important thing your lips speak to is what you’re like in relationships and how giving you are.”

Full Lips

You are fearless and are sure of yourself. You are proud of your achievements. You stand out and shine bright. Your personality is very unique and irresistible.

Wide Lips

You are the life of the party.You have many friends with varied interests. You are talented and accomplished. You are confident and an excellent public speaker. You are independent with a positive work attitude.

Thin Lips

You have a keen eye for details. You are intuitive and sensitive. You are sweet, but sometimes shy and reserved. You easily find solutions in tough situations.

Round Lips

You are naturally charming with great fashion sense. You enjoy making others happy. You are strong willed and sometimes rebellious. You are fun and flirty. You love to explore and learn more about things people around you.

Heart Shaped Lips

You are highly expressive, seductive and independent. You are talented, creative and imaginative. You say YES to life. and love to do the things you enjoy. You are outspoken and taken control of your own life. You are gorgeous and glamorous.