If you arrived at this post asking “What the heck are marilyn nails?”, well sorry, but I don’t know either.

My best guess is that their name comes from the deceased model/actress of the same name. I am, of course, talking about Marilyn Monroe.

In my opinion, Marilyn Monroe was a woman who promoted that the perfect woman doesn’t have to be scarily skinny. I would drag this out some more, but this is about nails, so I have to stay on topic.

Well, Luciana McGee is here to show you how to make Marilyn shaped nails.

I would call these ombre nails, but it’s not really an ombre effect. It’s more of a “sudden” transition if you get what I mean.

The pink color used here doesn’t gradient into the glittery turquoise, the turquoise is just placed on there afterward.

I know it sounds like I’m criticizing them, but I’m really not, that’s just how I talk. I actually like these nails quite a bit.

Luciana makes good use of her nail forms, however. Just to make the Marilyn effect as well done as she can, the nail forms are used quite a bit in this video.

The part from the cuticle towards the center is painted pink, while the part from the center to the end of the nail is painted glittery turquoise.

In the end, what you have are really nice, fashionable and unique nails that should turn quite a few heads. Big fan of the contrasting colors.

Check out how to do these nails below:

Source: metdaan.com