All of us have heard the line, “Nothing lasts forever” and yes, even hair color does not last forever. Eventually even hair color fades away. But to make this process of fading slower and to make sure that they chemicals used in hair color’s don’t ruin the hair, you need to take care of the coloured locks like your priced possessions.

That being said, let’s look at how to make your hair colour last longer.

In this post we will offer you some useful tips for long lasting hair color. Burgundy, blondes, browns and highlights will inevitably fade. However, a few tricks will keep it last longer and appear fresh on your hair. Do have a read and save your color!

1. Always Pick The Right Hair Products

When you pick your face wash after much research and utmost care then why don’t you give the same consideration while picking the brands for your hair? Most of the time your shampoo and conditioner are the real culprits for fading up your hair dye. It’s always better to use the shampoo of the same brand of your hair dye, especially the hair color protection shampoos. Also make sure your hair is deeply conditioned a few days before you have applied the hair color. This will make sure that the hair stays soft and feel moisturized even after those harsh chemicals leave a color stain on your hair.

2. Let Yourself Go Through Some Bad Hair Days

It’s completely fine if you do not wash your hair daily, as it will fade away your color even if you’re using the hair protection shampoo. So instead of daily, wash your hair twice or thrice a week. Always make it a point to carry a scarf and cover the hair when out in the sun to avoid dirt and pollution from running your hair.

3. Pick An Appropriate Color

If you are thinking of dying your hair for the first time, then do not go for a completely contrasting shade. Instead, choose a color that is close to your natural shade. It will make your color last longer.

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4. Do More Conditioning

The chemicals in the hair dye open up the pores, thereby drying the hair. In order to save the hair from getting frizzed, you’ll have to deep condition your hair. Just leave the roots and apply all over the hair from the ear level. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off.

5. Use SPF To Ensure Long Lasting Of The Color

Always go for hair products that are laden with SPF as it’s highly necessary to protect the hair from harmful UV rays. It will also fade the hair dye. So next time you make sure your shampoo consists of SPF ingredient.

Next time when you wonder how to make hair color last longer, follow these tips and flaunt your new hair makeover!