Is it very common with you that you leave your house in a completely decked up avatar but when you reach the venue or even after reaching the venue, within some hours your makeup vanishes? Or after dancing and enjoying yourself, you are back to your original self? Well, it means that your makeup doesn’t last all throughout the night. So, here are some quick tips on how to make your party makeup stay all night.

1. Clean your skin:

You need to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Use a natural exfoliator like Ahava Facial Mud Exfoliator so that your skin is all clean and clear to absorb the makeup. When your skin is clear, the makeup will set on your skin and this will make the makeup blending process much easier.

2. Begin with a dry skin:

Always let your skin dry completely before using any makeup. Makeup stays better and longer on a dry skin as compared to a semi-wet skin. Also, it is easy for the makeup to get into your skin if your skin is dry.

3. Light moisturizer:

Moisturize your skin with some light moisturizer like Garnier Moisture + Nourish Daily Rich Moisturiser. This will help the makeup to hold on and thus, the makeup will stay on your skin much longer. Also, if your skin is properly moisturized, it would allow the makeup to go on smoothly without the fear of any dry or uneven patches.

4. Use primer:

Before applying any makeup, you must use a primer. Begin with a full coverage primer type. This increases the staying power of the makeup and makeup will also gel into the skin quite easily.

5. Hairspray:

Once you are all done with your hairstyle, then raise your head and apply some hairspray at the crown section. This will make your hairstyle stay much longer and will also tame your flyaways. Try premium hairsprays like Schwarzkopf Got2B Happy Hour Hairspray.

6. Lip primer:

You need to apply lip primer like Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer over your lips. This will give a beautiful color to your lips and will also make your lipstick stay for much longer. Lip primer also gives a beautiful shape and definition to your lips.

7. Lipgloss:

When you top your lipsticks with a light lip gloss like Forever 21 High Shine Lip Gloss Rose, your lipstick stays for much longer. This also ensures that your lips are moisturized for quite long and your lips won’t feel deprived of moisturization.

8. Caffeine eye cream:

Caffeinated eye cream contains a high dose of octane and caffeine which helps to relieve your undereye area by de-puffing it and making it look healthy and luxurious. You can try eye cream like Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eye Cream.

9. Blend Blend:

Don’t leave the house without blending your makeup. Blending your makeup is the only thing which will ensure that it doesn’t bleed or crease away and thus, it stays in place. There are a number of beauty blending tools available in the market like Beauty Blender Sponge.