Who doesn’t desire the pouty touch of Angelina Jolie or the lovely luscious rosy lips of Sunny Leone? Every girl we know off and women too want to have the sexiest lips flaunted. However, when it comes to applying lipstick, and in a bid to make the lips perfect and pouty, most of us mess up the lining and the filling. The lining and the filling should be the first steps on learning how to contour lips, without which the perfect lips aren’t easy to attain. It isn’t tough learning about how to contour lips, so that the lips are in harmonious sync with the eyes, the blush and the contouring. Here is a mini guide on how to contour lips, according to your lip shape and size! But first, understand what is a lipstick!

What Is A Lipstick?

Back to beauty school folks, and we should know the true definition of lipstick. Lipstick is a cosmetic that helps enhance the lip shape and the lip color, which is tricky when you don’t know how to use it well. Just by using a lip filler brush or a lipstick and splashing the reds, pinks or browns on the lips, doesn’t bring about the right lip shape. What comes about is an unbalanced look so undesirable. Thick lips shouldn’t use gloss or tint, since it makes the lips look larger, and matte shades for thin lips are not advisable too.


Lipsticks help bring more attention to the face, help define the lip shape and enhance the color of the lips too, which is why you need to know about the ways to outline lips. Some of the best lipstick brands available in the market helps moisturize the lips and correct lip defects as well, hence choose your lipsticks wisely! Lipsticks are available in gloss, balms, colour stay and creamy formulas that bring shine, moisturize the lips and are long lasting too with smooth textures to flaunt.

While picking lipstick shades, remember to pick a hue that helps balance the look of the face. Soft and bright tones would help bring more attention to the lips, and also improve the texture of the lip skin too. Even the proportion of the lips to that of the complete face would take a new turn altogether, but when done the right way.

Finally, when wearing lipstick, you need to judge the occasion you would be attending, the climes, the time of the day and the look you want to flaunt along with what you wear!

How To Contour Top Thick Lips

To contour lips that are heavy on top but thin below, you would need to line the inner rim of the natural lip line with a lip pencil closest to the shade of the lipstick. Next you would need to rim the outer natural lip line of the lower lips. Now fill the lips with a lip filler brush and blend the liner with the lipstick into one. This brings about balanced and full lips.

How To Contour Thin Upper Lips And Lower Heavy Lips

The way you contoured top thick lips, you would follow the same pattern but reverse. Inner lining of the lower lips and outer lining of the upper lips; the rest as usual with blending and a touch of shimmer to the mid section of the upper lips for the pouty effect. When you learn how to outline your lips, you would bring about the easiest way to look fabulous all day long.

For Thin Upper And Lower Lips

You would need to line the upper natural line and lower natural line, a nano millimeter more than what you have outwards first with a pencil liner. Now fill the lips with the desired shade of lipstick and blend it inside using a lip filler brush. Use a little shimmer on the upper and lower lip mid section to achieve the fullness and blend in once again.

For Thick Upper And Lower Lips

Colors to choose and use for thick upper and lower lips would be matte and medium shades. No frosty touches and no shimmers, or else the shades would make the lips look extra large and duck face types, which you should avoid with large lips at all costs. The natural borders of the lips should be lined with a pencil inwards, and then filled in with the desired lipstick shade. Use foundation to cover the lip lining on the outer side and let it set in seconds.

We hope you now get the dough on What Is Lip Contouring, and the next time we would help you with a detailed lip contour tutorial for every lip shape and type!

Source: www.fashionlady.in