One of the hardest parts of being a woman who wears glasses is, makeup. It might seem that there is absolutely no way that you can wear them both together. But, this article will not leave you disappointed! You’ll get to know a variety of makeup ideas even while your specs are on and you can still rock the look.

So cheer up girl and read on! Here’s an article on how to wear makeup with glasses.

Keep Eye-shadows Light

The first makeup tip when wearing glasses is this! The key to get the look right is by keeping your eye makeup minimalistic. Apply neutral eye-shadow! Doing so will brighten up and beautify your eyes and pump up your chic look. Wearing eye makeup with glasses must balance the frame of the glasses colours and shape too.

Use Bold Colors On Your Lips

This is one of the most important tips among all. Make sure that you are using a fun and vivid shade on your lips. Experiment by using shades like orange, hot red and purple; choose the color which complements your skin tone. Makeup with glasses must be carefully done making sure to maintain a balance.

Your light eye makeup topped with a bold lipstick will glam up your look, undoubtedly!

Highlight Your Eyes Using Mascara

Mascara works like a magic wand to highlight one’s lashes. Using mascara is not going to over-do your look in anyway. It’s also often said that mascara will spoil the lens of your eye-wear but no such thing is going to happen. So go ahead and put on that mascara!

Gel Liner

Gel liner is popular among women who wear glasses because firstly, it’s easy to apply and secondly, it stays on for a long time. Gel liner is far more easy to apply than the normal ones.

If you have thick specs, apply a thick liner, and those of you wearing thin frames, make sure you apply a thin liner. Try it out!

Shape Your Liner As Per Your Frame

Tailor the shape of your eyeliner according to the shape of your glasses. A beautiful winged liner would enhance the beauty of your eyes only if you are not using cat-eye shaped spectacles. So do keep that in mind and try to experiment with the shape of your liner.

A Bit Of Blush

Apply some light strokes of pink along the apple of your cheeks. Doing so will brighten up your face and give you a warm summer glow! Do not over do it.

Put Shimmer In Your Lower Eye Lid

Wearing spectacles draws all attention towards your eyes. So try to make them look as gorgeous as possible! One of the best ways to do so is by applying shimmer in your lower eye lid. You may complete the look with an eye liner.

Shimmer looks best when applied to parties or special occasions. Though there is no hard fast rule ladies, you may apply to bring out that extra sparkle in your eyes!

Smudged Liner

If you want a raw look, smudged liner is the deal for you. Just a bit of smudge either on the upper lid or lower lid is bound to attract a lot of attention to your eyes.

Go with this look when you are going to hang out with your friends or you may even like to wear it to a party!

Shape Your Brows

It’s extremely essential to shape your brows according to the shape of your eyeglasses. You don’t need to do much, just apply a bit of eye pencil along the arch of your brow and you’ll be ready to go!

So, pump up girl! Go and experiment with these ideas! You are sure to look gorgeous…

Hope you enjoyed this post on how to wear makeup with glasses.