We have seen a lot of pictures of the chain waterfall braid floating around the internet for a while now, and we have absolutely fallen in love with it. Being desperate to learn how to make this awesome braid, we found a tutorial that at first glance looks pretty complicated but believe me once you see everything you will find it very easy.

YouTube channel, Princess Hairstyles shared this tutorial and the steps are quite simple for such a challenging hairstyle. As it’s mentioned in the video too, the center strand of this braid can be changed out for ribbon, micro braid, a regular strand of hair or anything else that you would like to use.

Everything starts pretty simple, by making a simple braid on the front of your face and then just keep adding and twisting hair around it. This way it will create a waterfall which looks amazing. This braid can also be made straight across horizontally as shown in the picture in the end of the video.

This hairstyle would be great for many occasions like school, church, weddings, prom, homecoming, the beach etc. It’s got this boho yet elegant finish which makes it damn close to perfect whatever the occasion. A bit of practice and trying different additions will see you master this look. Everyone is obsessed with the result so you might as well check it out and share your opinions with us in the comments.

Source: metdaan.com