It’s kinda boring to just wear your hair in the same style the whole time.

It’s always fun to attempt different hairstyles and change things up every now and again.

Of course, hair is not a magical thing, and it can’t just stay put on its own. It needs something to make sure it’s all held together properly.

The simplest way to keep your hair tidy is with a hair tie. A hair tie, also known by the names listed below, is an item used to fasten hair, particularly long hair, away from areas such as the face.

One item that seems to be quite popular in recent times is a creaseless hair tie. You have probably seen it pop up on Pinterest quite a bit. These are used if you want to keep your hair, let’s say, in a ponytail but you really don’t want creases.

They are a bit more expensive, so if you can’t splash out the cash, then you can make your own!

If you want to do that, then this tutorial is definitely for you: