Can there be anything more exciting for makeup artists than trying out a new palette? They always look so hyped trying them out and telling us if it is worth it or not. They live for this and we love it!

YouTuber Tina Halada is giving us an “everyday” look which is very shimmery and peachy. She is trying the Makeup Mario Palette by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. The palette has a lot of neutral colors and shimmery pigments. Of course, Tina gives it a YAY!

Let’s see how Tina is creating this look.


Like always, she starts with priming her face, putting light foundation and then concealing under her eyes. Then she puts a tiny bit of bronzer and highlighter. Today she decided to do her face off camera to give the spotlight to the palette.


The main event – the eyes! The first eyeshadow she uses is a warm toned orange creating a smokey eye, which she brings underneath the eyes too. Then, she applies a darker brown to deepen up her crease and pulls it down to her lower lashline. She fills in the lid with gorgeous gold – classy! To finish this look, she puts on her favorite eyelashes.


For the lips, she goes with a metallic peachy lipstick and lip gloss. So chic!

Don’t you just adore this palette?

If you want to see more of this process, press play down below.