Call it ‘double punishment’ or a case of ‘hyperactive skin’- sensitive skin is everyone’s headache and nightmare. Most women with sensitive skin forbid the daily pleasure of dolling up with the choicest of makeup products, simply because of the redness and irritation thereafter. Au contraire ladies, you now can use our 5 important rules and bring down the redness too – your skin would glow and there wouldn’t be a sluggish appearance on your face as well. Read on and follow the 5 rules religiously- these are basic yet powerful tips to manage sensitive skin while dolling it up.

Test Before You Buy

Ordinary skin has ways to tolerate the elements around; sensitive skin does not. This is why, before buying any of the reputed makeup products, it is but important for you to do a ‘test’- choose a small zone on your face or neck for the same and apply your makeup. If you do experience discomfort in the next 24 hours- the product then isn’t for you.

No Secrets

Choose makeup brands that clearly mention the list of ingredients used- be very wary of brands that claim to have ‘secret ingredients’ in them- they could do more harm than good. Makeup products of repute meet all criteria where safety and regulations are concerned- they are derma tested and hypoallergenic too. If you do come across products that claim to be ‘nickel tested’- stay away from it, or else you would be a victim of allergies.

Who Are Your Allies?

Sensitive skin has enemies and allies in equal measure; get to know the latter! With regard to the makeup being chosen, it would be best to choose products that are non-greasy and hypoallergenic. Look also for makeup that is rich in antioxidants and moisturizers- non-comedogenic to be precise. Choose makeup that doesn’t block pores and would allow the skin with easy breathing too. Finally, always choose products that keep the skin safe from the UV rays of the sun.

Mineral Water Spray

Spring water or mineral water when sprayed over the face- before and while removing makeup would do wonders for the sensitive skin. The minerals found in the water would help soften and moisten the skin- keeping the skin protected from the elements around that cause more harm than good. Selenium for example, found in most spring and thermal water has antioxidant properties- excellent for sensitive skin.

Care For Your Products

Never keep your makeup kits uncared for- after you finish using the product, ensure to close the lid and store them in a cool and dry place. This would keep the product pleasant and effective for a very long time. The same would be for your brushes, wash them after every use.

We all want to have healthy skin, but do we take enough time to care for it? With the 5 golden rules on managing and planning makeup for sensitive skin, we sure hope this comes in handy- check with an expert if the conditions are too wary to deal with, you could have an underlying issue that needs attention.