LBR, there’s no bond like the one between a mother and daughter. Aside from the fun stuff, like being able to go clothes shopping together and being able to talk about some subjects, mom also makes you the person that you will be when you get older, and you usually inherit physical attributes from the mother, too.

Going back to things you can do together with your mom, those are usually the ones that further accentuate the mom/daughter bond.

For one mother and her daughter in Melbourne, Australia, that activity is braiding.

Shelley Gifford is an Australian mom to a beautiful little girl called Grace.

Since April 2014, she has spent about 20 minutes each morning braiding her little daughter’s hair with the most beautiful and intricate patterns.

In April 2014, Gifford found social media accounts that were all about really cool hairstyles that parents had done on their kids.

Keen on the idea, she decided to start braiding her daughter’s hair and posting it on her Instagram account, @prettylittlebraids.

She began learning different braiding techniques.

After learning several complex techniques, and after a long time of watching tutorials and learning how to get these hairstyles done, Shelley became a self-taught professional hair stylist, and her go-to model for her amazing creations is her daughter!

The two were already close before mom started braiding 7-year-old Grace’s hair, but thanks to this, they are now even closer.

“It’s a lovely feeling…

“…to have that special time with her each morning and I think it’s an added bonus that she has that personal attention to make her feel special,” Gifford told Today.

Gifford wanted to showcase her creations to the world, so she decided to open an Instagram account where she would show off her daughter’s hairstyles.

Since creating the account, these braids have become an internet sensation. The account has over 142,000 followers who always look forward to (and are very impressed with, judging by the comments) these really cool new styles.

Grace is also learning how to braid…

… and gets a lot of attention on the playground for her intricate hairstyles.”The older kids ask me to take my hat off in the playground so they can see my hair,” Grace told Today. “They say, ‘Your hair is pretty today, Grace. I wish my mum [did my hair] like yours.’”

Shelley’s hairstyles are all her own idea, and she tries to come up with new designs during the night so that they’re ready for the next day.

“I love doing something that I’m so passionate about…”

… Gifford told Today, “and I love that Grace gets to be a part of that.”