Hey gorgeous women!

If you thought that you knew about all kinds of contouring existing, you are mistaken ladies. The newest contouring in the beauty world is nail contouring. And before I may tell you what is it and how is it done, let me tell you I absolutely love this. I might as well add that nail contouring might as well be a technique, to stay and last the test of time, much like the classic French manicure. Intrigued? Read on ladies!

What is nail contouring?

This is a  technique popularized by nail expert and artist Jin Soon Choi to fake longer-looking nails. Recently this technique caught the love and attention of makeup crazy peeps, as it is perhaps one of the easiest ways to recreate longer looking nails with minimal efforts. It came into vogue at Vera Wang’s Spring-Summer show and has been much talked about since then.

How does it work?

This simple fuss-free technique predominantly relies on 2 different colors of nail paints to fake those nails. Just as you use a light and dark shade to contour and accentuate your features, nail contouring too works on the principle of streamlining two different light and deep colored polishes. The lighter color is applied first and remains visible around the edges while the deeper color creates bold elongated talon like appearance.

How can you recreate the look?

• For this, first shape your nails and clean them well. Apply a base coat.
• Next, apply a nude or light colored nail paint.
• Sweep a precise brushstroke down the center of your nails. You can either go for a deeper color of the same family or go for any deep bold color. Like if you have applied powder blue on your nails as the base paint, then apply a stripe of midnight blue down the center of your nail. If you want to keep it simple and elegant then apply a clean stroke of any dark shade over your base coat.
• A top coat is then used to finish the look. A semi-matte base coat is best suited to keep the finished effect from looking too harsh and unnatural.

Why you should try nail contouring?

• It uses just a thin dark brushstroke to create an illusion of length.
• It doesn’t require complicated techniques or accessories. So, it is even ideal for anyone struggling to get their polish right up to the edges of the nail without it bleeding onto the skin. If you have unsteady hands, you can use stickers to ensure a crisp line.
• It doesn’t require investment and efforts.
• Nails do not face damage by nail contouring. Gels and acrylics are difficult to apply and even more troublesome to remove.
• It can be recreated by anyone. Most other nail arts require expertise from nail artists and manicurists. 

Do give a shot to this technique and stun everyone with longer looking classy nails.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com