Have you explored all the variety of options available for getting stylish nails? From colorful detailing to nail art designs, we all love to add a pop of color, dazzle and style to our nails. If you love to experiment with your nails and like to flaunt a variety of colors and designs, then nail wraps are the thing for you! Made of variety of materials and featuring different designs, Nail wraps have been around for quite some time now and are extremely popular.

Available in different sizes and shapes for all types of nails, these wraps can be cut to be used on tips of your nails ( french manicure style) or paint over the wraps to make your own art.

What are Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps are used for enhancing the strength of nails and protect the nails from damage. On the other hand, it saves you time from going to the salon, is easy to apply and completely hassle free. Whether you have a broken nail to fix or find painting nails to perfection a tough job, then these nail wraps are your quick-fix solution and give your perfect salon-style, fresh and gorgeous nails.

Varieties of Nail Wraps

Take a look at these stylish nail wraps which are available in floral patterns, metallic style, animal prints, polka dots, stripes and zig-zag patterns.

Whether it be geometric designs or animal prints, these nail wraps are colorful, spunky and add style to your ensemble. If you are attending an evening party or planning a fun outing with friends, just apply these hassle free nail wraps and bask in the compliments you will receive.

What are Nail Wraps Made of?

Nail wraps were initially made of fine silk cloth and looked like natural nails when applied. Currently, silk wraps are still in trend and popular because they are thinner when compared to artificial nails like gel and acrylic nails.

Other types of nail wrap materials are: Paper wraps, linen wraps, fiber wraps and fiberglass wraps. Silk wraps and linen wraps give the most natural feel and texture when applied to the nails. On the other hand, fiber wraps are made in combination with linen and silk wraps. They have the strength of linen and the natural, transparent look of silk.

How To Apply Nail Wraps: Step by Step Procedure

Firstly, collect all the items required for applying nail wraps which are: Nail polish remover, cuticle pusher scissors and a nail file.

Step 1: Remove your old coat of nail paint with remover to prepare your nails.

Step 2: Buff your nails and clean them to remove the natural oils with the help of a natural cleanser or soap water.

Step 3: File your nails to give them a proper shape and styling. Make sure you even out the chipped edges and uneven surfaces.

Step 4: Now start applying the nail wrap – Look for the perfect sized nail wrap and compare it to each nail before peeling it off from the sticker.

Step 5: Place the nail wrap at the centre of your nail and press it towards the tip of the nail. Make sure the nail wrap does not touch the skin.

Step 6: Trim the nail wrap and file the excess nail wrap gently in a downward stroke to create good shape and structure.

Step 7: Put 2 layers of shiny top coat on the nail wrap to help it blend naturally and give a real touch the nails.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to apply nail wraps with ease and using the right procedure:

Source: fashionlady.in