There are definitely some days when you just don’t want to put makeup on and like keeping things natural. But still, if your face looks dry and you will have to put some glow on it, right? This happens mostly when we’re sick or don’t feel like using all the makeup products in our bag.

Blogger and YouTube beauty guru Kaushal Beauty with hundreds of thousands subscribers on her channel, decided to film a “no makeup” makeup look just to show us how we can trick everyone and look like we don’t have any makeup on. This tutorial has some easy but important steps and if you’re curious to learn more, let’s get started:


She starts with a moisturizer and then sprays her face. If you have tiny red spots you want to cover, the 28-year-old recommends to put some concealer on them and go through the whole face with the brush. Then, she puts a thin layer of concealer under her eyes and some liquid bronzer to add some definition. After the bronzer, she applies her favorite highlighter in small amount. She sprays her face once again, and it’s done.


On the lids she says that you can put foundation or any natural shade you want, but she prefers to keep her own “naked”. What she applies is only mascara.


For the lips, Kaushal applies a natural lip gloss which honestly gives life to this look.

So here you go, a natural makeup look. If you guys liked this, make sure to leave a comment below.